2017 Guild Challenge



The challenge for this year is “The Initial Challenge”.  This means that your quilt will be made using elements from your initials...first and last name.

The first element of your challenge is to use your first initial as your color choice.   The name of your color must begin with your first initial as in “Purple for Pam”.  And your color choice could be as simple as that OR you can find color names from paint chips at your local Walmart or other stores.

You could also log on to crayoncollecting.com/ccoloralpha.htm  to find lots of fun color names.

You could also look through your child's/grandchild's crayon box...Jake has a color in his collection called “Macaroni and Cheese”...a beautiful yellow/orange.  So if you first name starts with M, this could be a fun color choice.  Be creative!!

The second element of your challenge is that your last initial will determine what your quilt is about. It could be as simple as the Log Cabin block if your last initial begins with L.  But you can also be very creative with this part of the challenge and make the main part of your quilt ANYTHING that begins with your last initial.

The basic rules are

First Initial ...your color choice (and any values from that color)

Last Initial...the object of your quilt

Size...15” x 15” quilted, binding and label that lists your color and object of your quilt

Other Colors...You are free to use other colors in this quilt but your main color must be dominant.

For your other color choices, it would be fun to have them also begin with your first initial but is not necessary.

DUE DATE...Your quilt needs to be completed by the July 21st guild meeting

If you have any questions, contact me at l.amadon@yahoo.com