2018 Guild Challenge

2020 Challenge
"Miniatures/Doll Quilts"

Welcome to the 2020 Challenge!!

Let's think small for this years challenge!
Maximum size 18" X 22" (size of a fat quarter) - this is the only rule!
Challenge reveal will be at the June meeting.
Remember that in a miniature or doll quilt, every element is scaled down to remain in proportion to the whole, including print scale, block size, border width, binding, even batting thickness.

We will have a special display of the challenge quilts at the 2020 quilt show.

Doll quilt ideas
Make a quilt for a doll belonging to a favorite child.
Borrow a doll, if the kids in your life are all grown up.
Create a vignette that includes the doll, and some furniture if you have it.
Remember the "rooms" from Elaine Walker's program last year, and expand on those ideas.

Miniature quilt ideas
Make a miniature version of a full-size quilt that you made before, using the scraps.
Go as small as you dare!
Miniature quilts look lovely when framed as art pieces.


Thank you for participating in this year's Guild Challenge.
We will reveal our quilts at the June meeting.

Have fun!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Judy Damon