Card Trick

May, 2019
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If you are making this month's Block of the Month... It seems like some details are left off of the instructions.

The block will measure 12 inches. The instructions are for one block. However, they are so simple to make, it should be easy to make more than one.

My drawing on the instruction page only shows the center block design, before the triangles are attached. You will add the black triangles to the top and bottom, and then to each side.

The "card trick" fabrics should be bright colors. The background is black. The instructions use the same fabrics for both the card trick design and the corner triangles that attach to the 7" black square, but they don't have to be.

If you get confused, you can watch the Missouri Star Quilt Co tutorial for the Card Trick Quilt.

And you can always contact me!

Linda Orr