2024 Quilt Challenge

challenge details

STYLE:  Pieced quilt featuring 6 or more SOLID fabrics.

              No prints, tone-on-tone or ombre fabrics.



SIZE:     12in x 12in maximum 36in x 36in


LABEL: Include your name and inspiration.


You must use only solid-color fabrics.  Do not include any prints, tone-on-tones or ombres.

You must use at least SIX different colors.  The more the better.  Black and white count.  You can use values of the same hue, for example light, medium and dark blue count as 3 colors.

For inspiration, think bold, graphic and modern.  Or maybe Amish (as shown above).

Your quilt must be pieced and not appliqued.

The shape must be square with all 4 sides equal and right angle corners.

To give yourself a further challenge, try exploring a section of the color wheel that’s out of your comfort zone.

Search Pinterest or Instagram for artists who work largely with solids for inspiration.

Consider swapping solid fabrics with friends.

Any questions, contact Judy Damon by email quiltopia@gmail.com

Have FUN!  We look forward to displaying these quilts in our upcoming 2024 Quilt Show.