2021 Challange

Whats for dinner?

Many of us have experienced changes in our eating habits during the past few months. Lots of baking, trying new recipes, ordering take-out instead of going to restaurants, coping with shortages of certain foods at the grocery store, and getting creative with what’s in the pantry. How have your dinners changed? That’s the inspiration behind this year’s challenge. Show us “What’s for Dinner?” as a placemat-sized art quilt.

Have fun! Contact Judy Damon for more details


Make a placemat to start with, or use a ready-made placemat as a background.

Size:         Minimum 12″ x 16″, Maximum 14″ x 20″. 
Method:   Applique, pieced, dimensional, embellished, painted, whatever, anything goes.
Subject:   FOOD! What does dinner look like at your house?

Here’s some suggestions to get you thinking:

  • An old favorite that you enjoy often
  • A new favorite, maybe using a new appliance (think InstantPot or AirFryer)
  • Special holiday meal
  • Comfort food or childhood favorites
  • Fantasy meal – your “last-meal-as-a-death-row-inmate”
  • Something you had to eat as a kid, but you really hated
  • Be sure to make the dishes and utensils part of the design